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Samsung XL2370, San Francisco and a Reality Check

I picked up a Samsung SL2370 LED display yesterday for my home office and I must say it is pretty fantastic. In my experience, Apple displays feature the absolute best color reproduction however I simply could not justify the considerable difference in cost.

The XL2370 Samsung display set me back $299 at Best Buy (I know, I should have picked one up online but I have a mountain of work to do and no patience) and it has quite a stunning image quality. You can dig through all of the specs here but at a high level I find it more than does the job.

As a visual designer there is nothing more painful to me than a significant difference in color reproduction between my laptop screen and an external monitor. The monitor currently on my desk at work is also a Samsung monitor however it is painful to calibrate and maintain. Despite using a monitor calibrating device from x-rite I never can seem to get the damn thing to look right.

In other news, I have been overwhelmingly busy as one might deduce from the general lack of activity here in smalltransport land. In the past two years I have started a company with some friends, returned to MAYA Design as Director of Advanced Development where I am working to commercialize some internal MAYA research, bought a house and countless other things that have either slipped my mind or do not merit mentioning. Life is funny like that. With experience and relationships come an increase in the pace and number of things happening in one’s life. I just hope I can keep up and remember to enjoy the highs and the lows.

I spent the last week in San Francisco for work. Every time I visit the city I think how much I would love to live there. And you know, I might just do that. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and say that I can see myself living there within the next year and a half. There it is. I said it. Now on to making it happen …

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